About me

A tenacious Producer with a background in journalism. Nine years’ experience working for major UK national and international broadcasters including: BBC, VICE , Al-Jazeera English, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Channel 5 and Sky News Italy. Specialising in current affairs, observational documentary, UGC, investigative and difficult access films. Fluent in four languages: Italian (mother tongue), English, Spanish and French.

I can identify original storylines, source outstanding characters, negotiate sensitive access as well as set up and direct complex shoots both in the UK and abroad. I am also a confident self-shooter with extensive experience producing, directing and editing news features for UK national television. As a driven individual with a passion for storytelling I have also recently filmed, produced and edited my own 15 minute observational documentary as part of a certificate course in Documentary Direction at the National Film and Television School.

As a journalist I have covered a broad range of topics for Uk national and international publications including migration, organised crime in Italy, Islamic terrorism in Europe and women’s rights in Europe and the Middle East.