People Smuggling in Sicily: Europe or Die

As the EU launches a new multi-million mission to tackle human trafficking from North-Africa we investigate the rise of a new smuggling network – in Southern Italy. We also speak to high-level traffickers who believe ...

The Nigerian Mafia – (ITA) La Mafia Nigeriana

For the first time a foreign criminal group working in Italy has been indicted with the charge of being a “Mafia”. As the trial begins we investigate the rise of this new, powerful criminal syndicate. ...


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Has #MeToo Failed? – Al Jazeera English

Mehdi Hasan challenges feminist icon Germaine Greer on why she criticises the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault.Link

Le Spose della Jihad - Flaminia Gianbalvo

Italy’s Jihadi Brides- (ITA) Le Spose della Jihad

In July 2016, 19 year old Merieme Rehaly leaves her home in Northern Italy without a trace. She is suspected to have joined ISIS’ ranks in Syria. Starting from her family home in Padua we ...

Syria's First Responders Welcome Female Recruits

Syria’s First Responders Welcome Female Recruits

In Syria’s most conservative communities, people have refused to let male volunteers rescue women and girls—but women have intervened to help those who wouldn’t have been helped otherwise. All photos courtesy of the Syrian Civil ...

This Opera Gives Sex Workers a Voice

“The first time I did it, it was supposed to be a one off—I was 23 and pretty desperate for rent. But I remember coming out of the room and thinking, Why do I not ...

Italy’s Mediterranean Mass Graves: Europe or Die

Since 2000, more than 27,000 migrants and refugees have died attempting the perilous journey to Europe. We investigate the conditions of those who arrive in Italy, one Europe’s main points of entry. Link

Nigerian women caught in Italy’s sex-trade trap

A record number of women from Nigeria have arrived in Italy over the past year, and experts fear they are the victims of the growing illegal sex trade in Europe. We investigate what’s driving the ...

Meet the Women Bringing Down the Mob

​We spoke to Anna Carrino, a former mafia wife currently in witness protection ,who’s been instrumental in the battle against Naples’ Casalesi clan. Link

Fortress Italia

In the wake of a shipwreck off the Southern Italian coast in which over 360 migrants died, we look at what makes this journey so perilous and the challenges faced by those who want to ...

Finally justice for Bosnia’s Muslims?

As members from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) gather in Sarajevo to mark the tribunal’s 20th anniversary, the uncovering of a mass grave near the northern Bosnian town of Prijedor could ...

Barbara Sargenti: storia di una PM che non molla

In 15 anni alla procura antimafia di Napoli ha messo la firma sotto i mandati di arresto di quattro tra i boss più sanguinari della camorra, ma sono state le donne a darle maggior filo ...

The Working Girls of San Berillo

In an abandoned neighbourhood of a Sicilian capital city, a group of trans women who work as prostitutes has found a safe haven and God. Link